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Some Suggestions On
Safely Purchasing Concert Tickets

Where to Buy Tickets

What's the first thing to do when you want to buy tickets? Do you head over to TicketMaster.com? Check out The Pavilion's official site? In addition, to both of these options, as well as LiveNation.com, links to purchase tickets can be found on our Woodlands Pavilion Concert Schedule page. All ticket links posted on our site are considered to be safe; though at times you may come across another, third-party ticket seller advertisement on our site, or any number of other sites across the Internet. Any site other than those listed above which are posing as a Woodlands Pavilion Online Ticketing Site should be considered fake as The Pavilion only sells tickets through their Box Office and/or TicketMaster and LiveNation. Be very careful when you search for 'Concert Tickets at The Woodlands Pavilion' on any search engine, as the results are likely to contain concert ticket sales scam sites. Before you enter any information, make sure you are on the official website. TicketMaster is the official ticketing source for The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. The Woodlands Pavilion does not endorse or recommend any other ticketing source for events held at The Pavilion, and cannot guarantee acceptance of any tickets not purchased through those trusted sites. Please use caution when purchasing tickets from any website other than TicketMaster.com or LiveNation.com for events held at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.


We do not recommend purchasing tickets through secondhand websites like Craigslist.com or online classifieds as you have very little, if any, protection from ticket scammers. Even well-known sites like StubHub could be problematic, as you could buying tickets from an individual rather than an official and reliable source. You can find great deals on tickets through sites like Amazon Local and Groupon. These are both reputable sites that are not selling tickets secondhand, but have made a deal with Live Nation for discounted tickets, so they are good to go!

Concert Ticket Types

There are many different types of tickets that can be purchased through Ticketmaster. Here's what to look for to ensure that you're purchasing the kind of tickets that fit you and your group best:

Pit Tickets: These tickets are the closest to the stage and may be standing room only (SRO), if at all. When pit seating is available, rows and seats will be numbered, also known as:

Reserved Pit Tickets: numbered to indicate there is a specific spot for you to sit during the show.

General Admission Pit Tickets
are first come, first served when it comes to spots in the pit, and are limited quantity.

Reserved Tickets: These seats are located underneath the cover of The Pavilion - either in the orchestra (lower) section or mezzanine (upper) section. Rows in this section are lettered and seats are numbered left to right when facing the stage. Check out the Woodlands Pavilion Seating Chart for more info.

Lawn Tickets, also known as Lawn Seats: The lawn is a general admission area that is unassigned, first come, first served. There are no seat numbers or row numbers, even though you may see these on your ticket. Bringing in your own lawn chairs is not permitted, but you can rent one of a limited inventory of lawn chairs for $6 at contemporary concerts. Occasionally, "preferred lawn" tickets are sold at particular concerts, these are normally only available through the band's official fan club website.


Types of Delivery Methods

Tickets-by-mail: This is the old school, snail mail way to receive tickets. Tickets are sent to you via the postal service from Ticketmaster after you make your purchase. This type of ticket purchase works well for people who may be giving tickets as a gift or live a long distance from the venue or retail ticket purchase outlet. They can also work well for a group of people that may not be arriving at the same time. Ticket Master does not (currently) charge for mailing tickets to the buyer.


Print-at-home: Printable tickets are only available for lawn seats and can be printed from your computer immediately after being purchased. There is no delivery fee associated with this type of ticket. You need to print out each PDF file as an individual ticket; even when purchasing a lawn ticket 4-pack, the gate will still require one ticket per person. Reserved seating tickets (tickets anywhere in the covered seating area) are not available for immediate printing.


Will Call: With the Will Call option, you pick tickets up directly at The Pavilion Box Office with proper legal ID (required). Typically, will call tickets can only be picked up on the day of the concert/show but advance pick up is sometimes available. There is no additional charge associated with this type of ticket purchase. The Pavilion Box Office regular hours are Monday - Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and remains open through intermission on event days. The Box office does not open any earlier on the day of the concert or event. In order to collect your will call tickets, you will need your order number, a photo ID and the credit card you used to purchase the tickets. Only the person whose name the tickets are under can pick them up, unless you have previously arranged with TicketMaster to have an alternate pick-up person designated.


Credit Card Phone Purchase: No paper ticket is received in advance for a credit card entry, so there's no need to go to the Box Office before the show. However, if more than one ticket is purchased, your group must enter the gate all together. Once at the gate, a seat locater is printed for your convenience. There is no delivery fee associated with this type of ticket. Make sure to bring the card that you used to purchase the ticket. Most major credit cards are accepted for tickets purchased by phone. When purchasing tickets at The Pavilion box office, American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, VISA®, and cash are the only accepted forms of payment.


Retail Outlet Pickup: You can pick up your tickets from any convenient TicketMaster outlet. There is a convenience fee associated with this type of ticket. Pick a spot close to home, work, or the venue. Tickets for events at The Pavilion can be purchased at any TicketMaster outlet, including Fiesta Market, select H-E-B locations, select Walmart locations, and Media Magic.

Ticket Master Plus?

ticketmaster plus

Ticket Master Plus TM+ gives customers the ability to purchase secondhand tickets via TicketMaster. Unlike other sites that sell tickets secondhand, tickets are verified and the original purchaser's bar-codes are "killed," or made invalid. Sellers are not affiliated with TicketMaster or The Pavilion, and may sell tickets for higher than what they paid for them originally.

Customers have the ability to see all tickets available, either directly from TicketMaster or secondhand, with just the click of a button. All tickets purchased through TM+ are paperless (TM+ FAQ). Tickets that are being resold through TM+ have a swirly arrow indicating it as such. Please keep in mind that TM+ may not be available on all shows.


How Do I Know A Site is Legitimate?

It can be very easy to be tricked. Here are some hints on how to know you're purchasing tickets from a secure site:

  • Look for https:// at the beginning of the URL. This means the site your are on is secure. This applies to any site you may be putting your personal information on, not only when purchasing tickets. Also be sure that you are on a site that includes the correct domain name like ticketmaster.com or livenation.com.
  • Check to make sure there are seats available. Some concerts are reserved seating only, meaning that lawn seating is not available - yet fake lawn tickets are posted on malicious sites. Double check available seating before you buy.
  • When in doubt, call the Pavilion before you buy. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Unless there is a specific promotion, there is always a service fee associated with a purchase, whether it's directly through The Pavilion box office, or any TicketMaster site - online and offline. "No service fee" tickets simply don't exist. Fees at the box office pay for credit card fees, ticket stock, agents, and more. The Pavilion is a non-profit organization and needs help in purchasing these things. If a company is promoting a "no service fee" ticket, it's likely that the service fee is already included in the price of the ticket without you knowing.

Note: advertisers are not expressly endorsed by The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion or TWE! Only those tickets purchased through LiveNation or Ticketmaster can guarantee acceptance at the Pavilion.

Refunds & Exchanges

Sometimes an unforeseen circumstance occurs and you are unable to attend a concert for which you purchased tickets. The Pavilion doesn't offer refunds or exchanges on tickets, and here's why: it encourages brokers to sell back if they don't sell all of the tickets they purchase. It may be an inconvenience, but we are doing it to help you. If you are going to a concert with a group of friends, make sure to get the money from them in advance before purchasing the tickets so that you don't get the short end of the stick. Now with TM+, you can list your tickets online through TicketMaster to pass them on to another guest if you're unable to use them.


Additional Tips
  • If you are waiting until you arrive on-site to purchase tickets at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, note that scalpers are not allowed on the Pavilion property - but that doesn't stop them from being nearby. Beware of people selling tickets for less than retail value.
  • If you are worried that the tickets might be fake, try briefly holding the edge of the ticket near a warm surface for just a few seconds. Live Nation, TicketMaster, and The Pavilion all sell tickets printed on thermal paper, so they will react to the direct sunlight or heat by turning black. The darkened area will remain dark! Because of this, be sure to never leave tickets inside your car, as there is no way to recover tickets that have been turned completely black. While this measure can help you tell if the tickets are fake, they still may not necessarily be valid tickets.
  • If you do decide to purchase tickets through a source other than TicketMaster, never pay for them with cash. If there's an issue with the ticket's validity, The Pavilion probably won't be able to help. If you paid for them with a card, the possibility exists your credit card company can help you get your money back.
  • But remember, you always get the real deal when you buy with TicketMaster! All tickets are 100% authentic, guaranteed. This includes resale tickets (tickets sold by fans and other sellers) purchased for TM+ events. No one can guarantee the authenticity of tickets you buy anywhere else, even if they have the TicketMaster name or logo on them.
  • It’s also important to note that although it's extremely frowned upon, scalping isn't illegal in Texas. The Pavilion does not endorse scalping of any kind. Scalpers and brokers are always coming up with new ways to resell tickets and The Pavilion, along with TicketMaster and Live Nation, have taken steps to prevent this from happening, including limiting the number of tickets you can buy at one time or enforcing paperless tickets on the most popular seats.


The Woodlands Pavilion also offers chances for you to catch some really great deals. Some concerts have 4-packs that may not be advertised. When purchasing tickets, you should find out if there are any 4-packs available. They are normally promoted on The Pavilion website or the Pavilion Facebook page, but you can always call them to find out as well (promotional four packs are not offered during a pre-sale). Not all concerts have pre-sales, but many do offer a limited selection of tickets before the public sale begins.


Information for this article originally appeared on The Pavilion Press, the official blog of The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.


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