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Hurricane Ike Market Street

The Woodlands Texas

Hurricane Ike made a brief appearance in The Woodlands knocking down trees and flooding local waterways in it's path.  While most of the Market Street Retailers attempted to board up their windows, there wasn't much they could do when it came to attaching plywood to the (mostly) brick and metal store fronts. The Town Center area of The Woodlands was fortunately, in pretty good shape after Hurricane Ike left town.

Market Street tree damage
Ike knocked down a tree near the Cinemark Theater.
The Woodlands Waterway West
Plywood window coverings failed to block Hurricane Ike.
Market Street Ike
Market Street suffered only slight damage to the facilities.
High Water in The park in Market Street
Flooding in Central Park at Market Street.
Tree Down at Six Pines and Mall Ring rd
A downed pine tree near the mall on Six Pines Drive.
Trees blown down to the east near Chipotle Mexican Restaurant
Blown down trees near Chipotle in Market Street.
Plywood walls hurricane ike
Shoeballou in Market Street window coverings were held up by trash cans...
Water Fountain at Market Street
Central Park at Market Street flooded fountain.
Trees down on waterway avenue
Hurricane Ike downed tress on Waterway avenue
Kentucky Fried Chicken Drive Thru
menu sign damage and tree down at kentucky fried chicken / A & W store
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