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Hurricane Ike

Oak Ridge North, Texas

Hurricane Ike traveled from Galveston Texas in an arc like fashion, first going northwest, then curving to the northeast.  The Storm moved along at a steady pace, knocking down trees and flooding local waterways along it's path. 

After knocking out the electricity in Galveston and Houston, Ike essentially traveled along Interstate 45 passing the small community of Oak Ridge North, Texas. Oak Ridge North is located directly across Interstate 45 from The Woodlands, Texas and just south of Conroe, Texas.

Prior to Hurricane Ike, Oak Ridge Texas had several beautiful oak trees and of course, a lot of yellow pine trees.  There are now fewer trees in the area ( as with the entire path of Ike ) as many of them were knocked down, some on to the tops of area residences.

Oak Ridge North Texas high water
The City of Oak Ridge North doesn't normally flood.
Many Oak Trees were knocked over by Ike
Oak Ridge now has fewer shade trees.
Roof Damage - fallen tree
A fallen tree created a hole in the roof of this home.
First Floor Damage from trees thrown around by Ike
Tree Damage to roofline.
Flooding in Oak Ridge neighborhood
Flooded streets and yards Montgomery County Texas.
Maple Branch Street at Basswood
Blown down trees make streets impassable on Basswood Drive.
Hurricane Ike Category 2 Storm Damage
Trees downed by hurricane force winds.
Water Fountain at Market Street
Fallen oak tree Montgomery County Texas.
Hurricane Ike Category 2 Storm Damage
Hurricane force winds prevented residents from getting their cars out.
Hurricane Ike Category 2 Storm Damage
Uprooted trees abound in Oak Ridge North Texas.
ORN Driveway blocked by pine tree
Flood waters in Southern Montgomery County neighborhoods.
hurricane ike path
Ike Storm Path 2008.
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