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Hurricane Ike

Visits The Woodlands Texas

Hurricane Ike travled north from Galveston, up through Houston, made a brief appearance in The Woodlands and then went on north on a whirlwind tour of the Eastern US before exiting via the Northeast.
Preparations for Hurricane Ike at the College Park Burger King
The Woodlands Lake Area - Fallen Trees
Hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston as a strong Cat 2 Storm
The Jack in the Box at The Woodlands Mall suffered fallen trees in the parking lot.
Tree across Vogel School Road Closed
Several area Residents thought the Tinseltown Parking Garage would be a good place to park their cars.  Several of those cars were flooded.  Why did they park on the first level?!
The Woodlands Pavilion statues in the main entrance area are now slightly more exposed thanks to Ike.
HEB Store Sign Lost Several Panels
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