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Pachyderm Park

6370 Cochran's Crossing Drive
The Woodlands, Texas 77381

BIG fun awaits the little ones that visit Pachyderm Park in Cochran's Crossing. Children can practice their ABC's as they walk along the Alphabet Walk up to and over the baby elephant that greets them at the center of the park. Also sure to entertain is the blacktop area designed to be used with the chalk stored in the chalk box nearby (though you may want to bring your own to ensure a variety of colors!). Pachyderm Park is midway along Cochran's Crossing Drive, north of Research Forest from either the east or west.

Pachyderm Park in Cochran's Crossing
Village: Village of Cochran's Crossing
Park Type: Neighborhood
Owner: The Woodlands Township
Date Acquired: 1991
Park Acreage: 1.07
Pathway Mileage: 0.1277
Parking Spaces: 0

Park Amenities:

  • Chalk Area w/Chalkbox
  • 2 Picnic Tables
  • 1 BBQ Pit
  • Baby Elephant Climbing Statue

Play Area(s):

  • Younger Child Play Area
  • Older Child Play Area

Sport Amenities:

  • Open Play Field
For more information on this and other parks throughout The Woodlands, contact The Woodlands Township, Parks and Recreation Department:
8203 Millennium Forest Drive
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
Phone: 281 210-3900

"Younger Play Areas" suitable for children ages 2-5.
"Older Play Areas" suitable for children ages 5-12.

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