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Parks in The Village of Sterling Ridge

The larger parks in the Village of Sterling Ridge include some of the larger parks in The Woodlands - Cranebrook Park, Terramont Park, Carlton Woods Park and Artist Grove Park. With features like the water fun park at Cranebrook; Frisbee golf, skateboarding and 'bark' park at Terramont Park and pond and pop fountains at Carlton Woods, Sterling Ridge is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with the whole family.

The Village of Sterling Ridge features The Gary Player Golf Course, The Club at Carlton Woods, and The Carlton Woods Nicklaus Golf Course.

Sterling Ridge Village Parks

  • Artist Grove Park
  • Bantam Woods Park
  • Black Knight Park
  • Bonny Branch Commons
  • Craftwood Park
  • Cranebrook BMX Park
  • Kirkpatrick Glen Pond
  • Marquise Oaks Pond
  • Montfair Park
  • Old Sterling Park
  • Pepperdale Park

  • Players Bend Park
  • Saint Peter's Gate
  • Spindle Tree Pond
  • Spinning Wheel Park
  • Sar Ridge Park
  • Terrace Mill Pond
  • Terramont Skate Park
  • Winterra Park
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