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Chinese Food The Woodlands

Where to find Chinese, Japanese and other Asian Delicacies. From the 88 Grand Buffet to Wang's Asian Fusion, The Woodlands Events Restaurant Directory covers the far east in South Montgomery County Texas.

  • Chow Mein — literally means 'stir-fried.' Chow mein consists of fried crispy noodles with bits of meat and vegetables. It can come with chicken, pork, shrimp or beef, the latter often with red tomatoes.
  • Chow Fun — similar to Lo Mein, but made with thick, broad noodles.
  • Crab Rangoon — Fried wonton skins stuffed with (usually) artificial crab meat and cream cheese.
  • Fortune Cookie — Invented in San Francisco as a westernized version of the Japanese omikuji senbei, fortune cookies have become sweetened and found their way to many American Chinese restaurants. Fortune cookies have become so popular that even some authentic Chinese restaurants serve them at the end of the meal as dessert and may feature Chinese translations of the English fortunes.
  • Royal Beef - deep-fried sliced beef, doused in a wine sauce and often served with steamed broccoli.
  • Yaka Mein - Chinese-Creole food found in New Orleans with similarities to Beef noodle soup

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