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Barbecue (BBQ) Restaurants

bar b q in the woodlands tx

The word barbecue (BBQ or bar b q) is also used to refer to a social gathering where food is served, usually outdoors in the early afternoon. In the southern USA, outdoor gatherings are not typically called "barbecues" or BBQ's unless barbecue itself will actually be on the menu, instead generally favoring the word "cookouts". The device used for cooking at a barbecue is commonly referred to as a "barbecue", "barbecue grill", or "grill". In North Carolina, however, "barbecue" is a noun primarily referring to the food and never used by native North Carolinians to describe the act of cooking or the device on which the meat is cooked.

bar b q in the woodlands tx

To Barbecue food there are four distinct types of cooking techniques: The original technique is cooking using smoke at lower temperatures (usually around 240 °F or 115 °C) and significantly longer cooking times (several hours), known as smoking. Another technique is baking, utilizing a masonry oven or any other type of baking oven, which uses convection to cook meats and starches with moderate temperatures for an average cooking time (about an hour plus a few extra minutes). Yet another technique is braising, which combines direct dry heat charbroiling on a ribbed surface with a broth-filled pot for moist heat, cooking at various speeds throughout the duration (starting fast, slowing down, then speeding up again, lasting for a few hours). Finally, grilling is done over direct dry heat, usually over a hot fire (i.e., over 500 °F or 260 °C) for a short time (minutes). Grilling is commonly done over wood, charcoal, and or gas (natural gas or propane), or electricity.

Just how many BBQ restaurants are there in The Woodlands?

  • Pit Master Barbecue (2)
  • Rudy's BBQ in Spring, Texas
  • Spring Creek BBQ
  • Thomas Barbecue


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