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Hamburgers and Sandwiches

A hamburger (or burger for short) is a sandwich consisting of a cooked patty of ground meat (usually beef, but occasionally pork, turkey, or a combination of meats) usually placed inside a sliced bread roll. These sandwiches are often served hot with (chilled) lettuce, bacon, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese and condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and relish. The hamburger has attained widespread popularity and has proliferated worldwide becoming available at numerous restaurants and drive thru or fast food establishments.

The term hamburger or burger can also be applied to the meat patty on its own, especially in the UK where the term "patty" is never used, although the term "hamburger" is rarely used in the Commonwealth countries unless referring to a menu item of an American restaurant.

The term hamburger originally derives from Hamburg, Germany's second largest city, from where many emigrated to America. In high German, "Burg" means fortified settlement or fortified refuge; and is a widespread component of placenames. Hamburger can be a descriptive noun in German, referring to someone from Hamburg (compare Texas -> Texan) or an adjective describing something from Hamburg. The term "burger" is associated with many different types of sandwiches similar to a hamburger.

"In April of 1995, the Dallas Morning News reported Oklahoma author says Tulsa beats out Texas as the birthplace of delicacy. Michael Wallis, author of "Route 66, The Mother Road", was quoted by the newspaper to say he had discovered Tulsa's place in culinary history. The discovery was made while researching the state's tastiest hamburgers. What better place to start than the restaurant that has been voted Tulsa's best burger more often than any other restaurant since 1933...Weber's Root Beer Stand. Mr. Wallis' research revealed that Oscar Weber Bilby was the first person to serve a real hamburger. On July 4, 1891, ground beef was served on his wife's homemade buns taking place on his farm, just west of present day Tulsa. Until then, ground beef had been served in Athens, Texas on simple slices of bread, known presently and then as a "patty melt". According to the Tulsa-based author, the bun is essential. Therefore, in 1995, Governor Frank Keating cited Athens, Texas' feat of ground beef between two slices of bread to be a minor accomplishment. The Governor's April 1995 Proclamation also cites the first true hamburger on the bun, as meticulous research shows, was created and consumed in Tulsa in 1891. The Governor's Proclamation cites April 13, 1995 as Tulsa as "The Real Birthplace of the Hamburger.


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