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Central Taco

A Bold Mexican Tradition

central taco shenandoah the woodlands • Portofino Center
• 19075 I-45 S (Northbound)
• Shenandoah, Texas 77385
(Previously Wahoo's Fish Taco)
936 206-5936

Central Taco is bringing Shenandoah the traditional Mexican taqueria, and introducing it with bold flavors and attitude. Since 1962 El Farolito has been an iconic taqueria in Mexico, and now it's making its U.S. debut with Central Taco in the Portofino Center. Central Taco is known for their house specialty "tacos al carbon," as well as it's diverse menu including dishes such as "faroladas" and "volcanes." Each produce item and ingredient is selected carefully to make all of their sauces, salsas, and guacamole fresh everyday. The highest quality cuts of meat are always grilled to order. They use only the most authentic ingredients, but do traditional preparations with a twist.

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