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Where to Park & Where to Watch
The Woodlands Fireworks

best place to see the fireworks in the woodlands

4th of July Fireworks Information

The 2016 "Red, Hot and Blue Celebration" @ The Woodlands

Town Center - Town Green Park - Waterway Square July 4th ~ 9:30 PM

Things to do on the fourth of July in The Woodlands Texas


The Woodlands 4th of July Fireworks show generally begins at approximately 9:30 PM and the display is usually simulcast on the radio station Sunny 99.1 FM. Though traditionally, the fireworks have been shot from street level at Timberloch Place near Kirby's Steakhouse, beginning in 2014 due to construction along The Waterway, fireworks are now shot from two locations.


In 2016 - the firing sites areĀ a very large aerial show over Lake Woodlands, which will be fired from the east side of the lake near Lake Woodlands Drive, and a special effects show across the Waterway from Town Green Park, behind the Riva Row Boat House! Both locations will fire simultaneously for approximately 20 minutes. While the map below shows the two new locations, test fires from both locations are planned to occur at 10-minute intervals during the festival beginning at about 8:40 PM, to allow everyone to orient themselves for a viewing location. The fireworks show in The Woodlands has been rated as one of the best fireworks displays in Houston. Note: information regarding the new types of displays, new viewing locations, and new parking areas was released by The Woodlands Township on June 25, 2015; see the original press release here.


Where to watch the fireworks:

  • Hughes Landing
  • Southwest side of The Woodlands Mall
  • Northshore Park (*see note below)
  • Market Street
  • The Woodlands United Methodist Church
  • Town Green Park @ The Waterway

The Woodlands Waterway has plenty of room for thousands of people to see the lower proximity fireworks at a closer and clearer view without the obstruction of buildings. Because these new fireworks displays are lower to the ground than in previous years, and due to the construction of the second Anadarko Tower, viewing areas which were previously available, such as Southshore Park, viewing points along The Woodlands' golf courses, Lamar Elementary, the east side of The Woodlands Mall, and all areas east of I-45 (Oak Ridge North), will not be able to view the fireworks. Above all, attendees should plan ahead to pick out their spot.

July 4th Parking

Parking and Watching The Woodlands Fireworks

Please note: While Northshore Park will definitely be considered a prime viewing spot, it is not being closed off for parking, as the Concert In The Park takes place there earlier in the afternoon. As such, there will likely be no parking available later in the evening before the fireworks begin. At the request was of The Woodlands Township Public Safety Department, as well as local Law Enforcement, residents and visitors are being encouraged to visit other viewing areas as well. Alternatively, you can park in one of the other area lots and walk or bike to Northshore Park for fireworks viewing, so as to not contribute to any potential traffic jam in the lot and/or at the intersection.


Road Closures During the Fireworks

The Woodlands Waterway will be shut down at 8:45 PM for safety reasons, and will re-open after the show. Due to the new firing locations of the fireworks displays, at this time no road closures have been scheduled. TWE will update this page with any changes to this information as soon as it is known.

Directions and Parking Information - Red, Hot and Blue Festival 2016
  • FREE parking available in the Orange, Yellow, and Blue parking lots on Timberloch Place, and The Woodlands Mall surface parking lots (the Green parking lot is reserved for sponsors, staff and musicians).
  • PAID parking available at Town Center Parking Garage located on Six Pines Drive, the parking lot at the corner of Six Pines Drive and Lake Robbins Drive, The Waterway Square Parking Garage, and the surface lot at 18 Waterway Avenue.
  • HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE parking available at Town Center Garage, and the South Montgomery County Library located on Lake Robbins Drive next to Town Green Park.

Town Center Parking Garage $5 Parking

  • From I-45, take the Woodlands Parkway flyover at 76B
    Turn right on Six Pines Drive from Woodlands Parkway ( 2nd Traffic Light )
    Proceed North past Timberloch Place ( 1st Traffic Light )
    Town Center Parking Garage will be on your left, just beyond The Waterway Bridge & the Marrott Walkway.
    Either take a short walk down Lake Robbins Drive, or enter the Waterway Pathway at Six Pines go east to Waterway Square.

Free Parking in The Orange, Yellow and Blue Lots
  • From I-45, take the Woodlands Parkway flyover at exit 76B
    Proceed west on Woodlands Parkway to Grogan's Mill Road (approx. 1 mile) and turn right (north)
    Turn right ( 1 Block ) at Timberloch Place and watch for signage and lot attendants
    The Orange, Yellow and Blue lots are available free of charge
    Follow the Pathways to The Waterway and go east to Waterway Square

Directions to Market Street:

From I-45 South
Turn right on Research Forest Drive (exit 79)
Turn left at Grogan's Mill Road (4th Traffic Light)
Turn left onto Lake Robbins Drive (1 block south of Lake Woodlands Drive)
Market Street Garage will be on the left
From I-45 North
Exit Lake Woodlands Drive (exit 77)
Take bridge around and over I-45
Proceed west along Lake Woodlands Drive
Go past 3 traffic lights
Market Street access points will be along the left

For all parking, follow the event parking signs to parking lots.

Directions to Town Green Park:

From I-45 South
Exit Lake Woodlands Drive (exit 76)
Left on Six Pines Drive
Right on Lake Robbins Drive
Town Green Park is on the left just past The Pavilion
From I-45 North
Exit Woodlands Parkway (exit 76B)
Right on Six Pines Drive
Left on Lake Robbins Drive
Town Green Park is on the left just past The Pavilion

For all parking, follow the event parking signs to parking lots.

Directions to Waterway Square July 4th Fireworks Display

From I-45 South
Take the Exit for Woodlands Parkway (exit 76)
Turn right on Lake Robbins Drive (the suspended bridge)
Go past 1st traffic light (Woodloch Forest Drive)
Waterway Square is to the left, behind Hubbell & Hudson opposite Cinemark - Tinseltown Theatres)
From I-45 North
Exit Woodlands Parkway (exit 76B)
Right on Woodloch Forest Drive (1st traffic light)
Go past the 1st traffic light (Timberloch Place)
Waterway Square is to the left, beyond the Waterway bridge just before the Lake Robbins Drive signal light)

For all parking, follow the event parking signs to parking lots.


Click HERE for more information about the 4th of July celebrations in The Woodlands.

Are Fireworks Allowed in The Woodlands Villages?


Woodlands Texas Deed Restrictions: Fireworks and Use of Firearms.
Fireworks, firearms and hunting: The sale and use of fireworks and the use or discharge of firearms of any kind whatsoever is strictly prohibited on any property within The Woodlands. Hunting of any kind and by any method is also prohibited.
(source: http://www.thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov/DocumentView.aspx?DID=891 [page 3])


Woodlands Texas Covenants Section 10.13: Fireworks and Use of Firearms.
Fireworks are prohibited at all times within The Woodlands boundaries.
(source: http://www.thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov/FAQ.aspx?QID=102 )

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