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The Woodlands Waterway Square Fountains

woodlands waterway

The Woodlands water feature was designed by Aquatic Design and Engineering of Orlando, Florida, creators of several major water features for Disney Resorts in Orlando and Orlando City Hall. Waterway Square, with it's Colored Light and Water Feature, was designed by Sasaki Associates of Watertown, Massachusetts, designers of notable projects such as the 2008 Olympic Green in Beijing, China.

The Pump and Equipment Room is located on-site, but barely visible as it is housed in a 3,251-square-foot building with vaulted ceilings under the east stairway. The overall pumping capacity of the Fountains water pumps is 12,000 GPM (gallons per minute) - that's enough water to fill an average backyard swimming pool in less than two minutes! The water in the fountain system is recycled through nearly two miles of pipe to get to and from the fountains.

Waterway Square Fountains
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