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The Attractions at Waterway Square

The Woodlands Waterway Square officially opened on April 12, 2008, and was celebrated with a festival of lights and music. Located at 31 Waterway Square Place (77380), the one-acre facility at Waterway Avenue is The Woodlands' most unique park and serves as the "centerpiece" of The Woodlands Waterway District. Featuring various restaurants, entertainment venues and retail outlets, the Fountains at Waterway Square create an active setting throughout the day and into the night. The Gooses Acre, Americás, and Baker Street Pub are a few of the many restaurants and entertainment choices.

Waterway Square Wins Park Design Excellence Award


At its annual conference in February in Austin, The Texas Recreation and Parks Society (TRAPS) awarded its Park Design Excellence Award to the Fountains at Waterway Square at The Woodlands, designed by Sasaki. The award recognizes "One park development project that evidences high design quality and cooperation between design and parks professionals." The Fountains at Waterway Square debuted in 2008 and feature dancing waters choreographed to music. The Fountains are owned and operated by The Woodlands Township, located about 20 miles north of Houston, Texas.

The Woodlands Water Wall

The Waterway Fountain features a 120-foot long, 10-foot high stone water wall where ribbons of water flow down seven terraced levels to a lower pond featuring another 20 cascade water jets. The Woodlands Water Wall is flanked on both ends by stairs and stepped water cascades, all leading to an upper level where you can overlook the fountain containing three "boomer" jets that shoot water up to 75-feet high, which are surrounded by 80 smaller jets. The 80 Choreo-Jets in the upper fountain are arranged in three concentric rings and the water wall cascades down seven terraced levels and a stone wall to the lower pond. The water jets, waterfalls and cascades are designed to create a variety of displays and effects ranging from the subtle flow of water over stone, to dancing columns of water, to intense bursts of water shooting several stories into the air. From high above in the air and from the surrounding buildings, the water wall and fountain are designed to resemble an 'eighth note.'


The Waterway Square Fountains have become a favorite evening destination for residents of Houston, Spring, Conroe, and The Woodlands. The Woodlands Waterway is unique to the Greater Houston/Spring/Conroe area and is expected to bring excitement to the community as it will enhance community appeal and creates a place to meet friends, relax, and create happy memories.


Waterway Square Park

This open-air plaza includes many benches under a grove of 30 mature Nuttall Red Oak Trees, providing outdoor seating for rest and relaxation. Visitors can also access the public restrooms that are available at 20 Waterway from 11:00 AN to 6:00 PM, seven days a week.


The Waterway features boat rides on the "Waterway Cruisers" from The Woodlands Mall, past the colored fountain, and on to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. The Woodlands Waterway Taxi features various stops along the way allowing passengers to disembark and enjoy the many establishments such as The Gooses Acre, Americás, the The Woodands Waterway Marriott Hotel and The Woodlands Pavilion.


Located just east of The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, The Woodlands Waterway Square is an initiative of The Woodlands Development Company, The Woodlands Township and The Woodlands Town Center Owners Association. The colored fountains at the square are adjacent to Waterway Avenue, which runs between Woodlands Parkway and Lake Robbins Drive. Waterway Avenue ends directly in front of Tinseltown 17, and affords a scenic view of Waterway Square as it crosses the The Waterway.

kids find grandma's purse

Live Entertainment

During Spring Break 2009, it also became a great place to listen to live music at lunchtime. The festivities during The Woodlands Live at Lunch allowed visitors to experience the world-class fountains, and live music during Spring Break 2009. The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau hosted a preview to the 2009 Live at Lunch series at Waterway Square on Monday, March 16, 2009 and Wednesday, March 18, 2009 Ramon Torres was the featured musician. The Live at Lunch series began April 7, 2009 and ran every Tuesday through April 28, 2009. Once the community got a taste for live music at Waterway Square, there was no turning back. Now, throughout the year there are a multitude of Waterway Nights and Live at Night, featuring live music and strolling entertainers.. Check the events calendar for more information.

"Treasures from Grandma's Purse"

Dixie Friend GayCreated by renowned artist Dixie Friend Gay, who is also the creator of "At the Water's Edge," a series of mosaics located in niches under the Waterway Avenue Bridge. Treasures from Grandma's Purse is a children's play area, similar to the one located at Central Park in Market Street, which also features a colored light fountain for the kids to splash and frolic in the water, as it shoots up from the ground. Everyone knows that Grandma's purse is full of treasures. One really cool and prepared-for-anything Grandma left her purse on the bench! The frogs, lizards, and other waters' edge creatures have taken over. Tumbling from her purse are a cell phone, paintbrush, mail and keys. Spilled onto the plaza and embedded into the terrazzo are some of the other objects: loose pennies, scissors and crayons, an MP3 player, a camera, action figures, dolls and toy cars. Of course she is prepared for any emergency with a wine bottle opener and a glass hammer. And there are the good things to eat: a jelly donut, gum, candy, cookies - even a frozen Popsicle! The purse and objects are in cast bronze and cast glass. The purse is cast bronze and is normal-sized; the fun part is that some of the objects that spill out of the purse are oversized.


Grandma's Purse spills out Waterway FountainIf you view the mosaic from the upper floors of the surrounding buildings, the overall design of Grandma's Purse is that of a giant, friendly Petri dish; with the eyes and lips of happy micro-organisms sending out jets of water. There are 20 cast glass objects, 20 bronze objects, and 100 water-jet cut tiles. The brilliant color of the rustic terrazzo is achieved with the use of exotic mineral aggregates such as turquoise and Lapis Lazuli in addition to the more traditional aggregates of marble and granite.


Late one night in November 2008, vandals removed the bronze purse from its station near the children's fountain at Waterway Square. It could not have been an easy task, as the thief had to hack and chip away at the granite base where it was mounted. Grandma's Purse was finally replaced at its resting place at the Waterway Fountain in April 2009, and it looks better than ever! It's fun to sit on one of the many benches and watch children and adults as they attempt to peek in or pick up the purse; obviously wondering who may have left it laying out in the open! The purse appears to be quite real from a distance - and can still fool you even up close.


The Woodlands Waterway is impressive, and features lighted walkways for night-time walks, the Waterway Cruiser service and beautiful fountains. A favorite attraction are The Fountains at Waterway Square light shows, choreographed fountains with music and lights which play throughout the day and evening on a 15 minute rotation. Want to know more about the surrounding area? Check out the Waterway Fact Sheet.

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